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Keeping your employees motivated, engaged and feeling like they are a part of a team, is critical at any time, but now more than ever. 

We asked our clients what would help them right now, when they need to create an environment where their teams can work and feel their best...


...and we've created a series of pre-recorded Webinars, based on their responses.  

Once you've bought a webinar, you can share it with your entire team, or host it on your video-conferencing platform, so that the team can share their learning experience.  From just £500, you could run a learning event for your entire team or your whole business.


Expertly designed webinar training, for leaders, managers & all employees

    Every day we hear about the "unprecedented change" that we are facing, but what can we do to feel more in control and to cope with change?  This webinar looks at the range of responses and reactions to change, and gives tools to help you to feel that you are taking back some control, removing the sense of powerlessness and helping us to cope more effectively. 

    This webinar looks at how to adapt your style for each individual on your team, as well as creating or maintaining a sense of being part of a team.  At the centre of this is TRUST, and this webinar will give you practical ways of building trust.  Any manager needs to be amplifying their people skills and ensuring that they focus on their team, now, more than ever before.

    All too often, we meet people who have moved into a people manager role with little support to formulate a plan of action.  This webinar will take new managers through some useful approaches that will enable them to get the best out of their teams and make those early steps into management positive ones.

    This webinar invites you to examine the reasons that you don't work in the most effective way.  There are common barriers to effective working and we'll look at how to take steps to eliminate or manage those challenges.  With practical tools, hints and tips, it aims to support you in prioritising effectively and working efficiently.

  • MAINTAINING WELLBEING: Our current environment is a challenge to both our physical and mental wellbeing.  Strengthening our mental wellbeing will help us during this pandemic crisis and in our return to "normal life" once it is over.  This webinar provides a deeper insight into managing our mindset, alongside practical and relevant tips, helping individuals to understand how best to keep their physical, mental and social wellbeing buoyant at this time

All of our webinars are designed to be short, sharp and packed full of essential information.  You could host them as part of a team event, or allow learners to access them individually.  In under an hour, your delegates could learn helpful, valuable tips and techniques, relevant to our challenging times. 

We can also design and record webinars exclusively for your business, on the subjects that matter most to you.

Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss sharing a webinar with your employees. 

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