We can offer a unique and effective combination of two services, which traditionally you would need to source separately. We are employee engagement and development experts, and have the experience and skills to give you everything you need to make effective changes in the workplace, combat employee dissengagement and attrition. We work with businesses of all sizes across the UK.

We are passionate about what we do and always deliver an efficient and great value service, taking a personalised approach to every client we meet, by listening to your needs, understanding your situation and then combining elements of our service to offer you solutions to your specific businesses needs. Our approach not only gets results and makes an impact, but also saves our clients' time and mone whilst making employers and employees happier in the workplace.

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 What makes us different?

We are an expert consulting and development service all in one place.





Fast & effective engagement solutions 


We partner with businesses to help them save the money that disengagement is costing them and to drive a more engaged, productive workforce.


We listen to you and to your people, to help us find out what will really make a difference in your business.

We will then identify the actions which will optimise the engagement of your people, drive the implementation and set out measures to help you to understand the impact.

Our goal is to create solutions that have longevity – we aim to leave your business equipped to sustain and manage what we’ve implemented, unless of course you’d like us to manage it for you.

The solutions that we provide are tailored to individual business need, but to give you an idea here are some of the things that we can do for you:

  • Engagement planning & survey planning

  • Induction programmes

  • Leadership Development

  • Change management

  • Charity partnerships

  • Recognition schemes

  • Performance Management

  • Learning and Development

  • Team facilitation

  • Competency and Behavioural Frameworks

  • Exit interviews


This list is by no means exhaustive, but should give you a flavour of our work.

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How we motivate disengaged employees...

Study Group


We write bespoke courses to ensure that we really address the needs of your business and the needs of your people. If you haven't got an in-house training department we can partner with you to bring your employees the development they require.

We recognise that at times a standardised approach meets needs sufficiently, or that sometimes attendance on an open course can be beneficial as delegates get to meet and share ideas with individuals from different backgrounds, experiences and industries.

With this in mind, we have put together a range of courses that can either be delivered in house, or run as open courses with mixed company delegates.

Our delivery style...

We aim to make our training courses as interactive as possible, as our experience tells us that people learn more by being involved, discussing and doing than they do by listening and reading.  Delegates should expect to involve themselves and to join in with discussions and activities, and we aim to create an environment that encourages this.   We believe that people learn a lot more if they enjoy what we’re doing and have fun.

"The best course I’ve ever been on"

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Why choose us?

We are employee engagement and development experts who are passionate about providing the right learning and development solutions that will have a long lasting impact on your business. We can work with you on an ad-hoc, consultancy basis as and when required, or on a longer-term contract. Either way, we will get know your business; understand what makes you tick and work with you as your business partners to drive results and improvements.

  • Our experience enables quick and cost efficient implementation, saving you time and effort – we are experts at what we do

  • We are small enough to adapt ourselves to your requirements, whilst having experience of large corporate organisations, giving you adaptability alongside an understanding of your business environment

  • We specialise in employee engagement, consultancy and learning and development, meaning you spend less time dealing with lots of suppliers and just deal with one, who can get to know and feel as passionate about your business as you do

  • We are a small, personal company who pride ourselves on having low overheads. We don’t have a massive marketing budget either, as most of our work comes from word of mouth and people who’ve worked with us previously.

If you would like to discuss our courses in more detail, or are looking for some training not included in our current listings please contact us.


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