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What badge are you wearing today?

What badge are you wearing today? Is it always the same?

· Do you know if you’re amazing?

· Do you know if anything you do annoys people, winds them up or makes them feel undervalued?

· Do you have a clear vision of where your company is going, and do you regularly communicate this vision to your team?

· Do you really know your strengths and the areas that you need to work on?

It’s tough to take an accurate view of the impression that we create for other people, self-awareness takes time and effort, and is not always an activity that we relish. The fact is though, that we can’t help but communicate with the people around us. We need to work to get the right balance between hiding the real you and wearing your heart on your sleeve, both of which can create a negative impression.

Think about what you do, how you behave and what that might be telling the people around you.

At Peopletopia, we use 360-degree feedback to gather information from those around you about how you are seen and what’s working vs what’s not. We also work with people to encourage an honest and constructive exchange of views and feedback.


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