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Pretending you know it all?

For many, when first taking on a people management role, we feel an enormous pressure to prove ourselves. We feel we must know every answer, solve every problem and know every role inside out. Perish the thought that we might have to admit that we could do better or learn something new.

It’s a challenge that is often raised on our management development programmes “how can I introduce this new way of doing things, without people realising I’ve been on a course?”.

We feel that this is the wrong way to approach things, we think that you should be proud of the fact that you are open minded, willing to learn and committed to improving your skills. We think that a team should be delighted that their manager is taking the time out of their busy schedule to become a better manager.

Furthermore, admitting that you aren’t perfect can encourage your team to problem solve with you, to show their strengths and to know that it’s ok to need support and guidance in their role.

What could you do? If you’re embarking on some learning at work, sing it from the rooftops! Tell your team that you’re focusing on getting better at XY or Z, ask them to support you and give you feedback – it will show your team that you’re committed to being the best that you can be. Surely that’s a great manager to have?


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