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Pause.....we did, and it really helped us to refocus

It's very easy to get caught up in the day to day list of tasks, to lurch from one activity to another, without ever really finding time to stop, reflect and think.

I recently attended an excellent wellbeing morning, where one of the speakers talked about the importance of finding time to pause. She talked about practicing the activity whenever we have a moment, don't sit waiting for someone staring at your phone, sit, look around you and enjoy the environment that surrounds you. This really resonated with me, I sometimes allow myself to be dragged into the endless hamster-wheel of activities without stopping, reflecting and thinking about what I'm doing and why I'm doing it.

At Peopletopia, we have regular review meetings, but often we find that we are so busy that these are very task focused activities. This month, we really changed things around, and it led to the most inspiring, exciting and reinvigorating meeting.

What did we do?

We stopped.

We paused and we talked about "big stuff", not the nitty-gritty.

How are we doing? How are we feeling? Does Peopletopia feel how we want it to feel? As a team, what does each of us want to feel about working at Peopletopia?

What are we most proud of as a team?

It was a great meeting, where each of the team contributed, spoke from the heart about what really matters to them about being part of our business. And the outcome? A team that feels refreshed, proud and knows what we're aiming for, we know how to work best with each other, I know I can trust my colleagues because I know why they do what they do.

Those moments of getting off of the hamster-wheel and really thinking about what matters give us so much more energy and enthusiasm for building the future. Our team has achieved so much, and we all know how we want to shape our future.

If you do just one thing: Stop. Take time, just for a moment to reflect back on what you've been doing, and visualise the future that you want to build. It will really help you to get there.


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