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Keeping up the New Year Enthusiasm for Resolutions.

It's been a while since the champagne corks stopped popping and the fireworks announcing the new year fizzled out.

It's an interesting moment - the start of a new year, isn't it? On the

one hand there are those that look back and reflect on the year that has now ended, thinking about what we did, or didn't achieve, and there are those that look forward with great gusto and energy about the year yet to come, with all its unknown possibilities.

For those people who do make resolutions, it's interesting to compare these with the goals that we set ourselves in the workplace. Often, at the moment of committing to a resolution or a goal, there is an unshakeable belief that we will achieve them, we picture our success and are firm in the belief that we cannot fail. Then, time passes, life continues and nothing has changed - what happens to that energy and enthusiasm, and why does it pass so easily?

When we work with people who want to set goals in all sorts of industries and workplaces, we have learned that there are some specific things that people do that help to make their goals stick - right up until they achieve them:

- Explore WHY the goal is important, what's the point in setting it?

- Explore WHAT is motivating you to achieve it, how important is it to you?

- Explore why NOW is the right time to set this goal, what are the barriers that may have stopped you in the past and how will you overcome them now?

- Identify HOW you are going to be successful, what steps will you take, what options do you have?

- Increase VISIBILITY of your goal - post it in front of you, write it down, set yourself reminders, add mini goals and set target dates.

We have personally found that putting a key goal in MASSIVE writing in a very OBVIOUS place so that we CAN'T AVOID it has been really helpful!

Lastly, make plans to CELEBRATE when you achieve your goal - put the champagne on ice, reward yourself and get ready to congratulate yourself on a goal committed to and achieved.


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