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How to retain and engage employees. Expert advice for business owners, directors, HR teams and managers

Have you noticed a high turnover of staff in your business?

Unsure why you are regularly losing the best employees to the competition?

Is productivity lacking?

It could be down to a need for employee engagement and development.

If you haven't got the time or the resources for in-house training to develop and implement employee retention strategies to motivate and develop employees, then it is possible that staff are not feeling valued, listened to, or engaged with their roles in the business. This will inevitably effect productivity and staff retention within a business.

How to improve engagement and reduce employee absence, fast!

A cost and time effect solution for business owners, directors, HR depts and managers could be to to consider outsourcing employee engagement, development and training to a consultancy who have the expertise to quickly and efficiently address businesses specific issues.

That's where we Peopletopia can step in. We are different to other consultancies as we can offer a unique and effective combination of two services; consulting and development, which traditionally you would need to source separately. We provide training courses and programmes for staff and all levels offered in-house or online to suit your specific business needs.

How can an outsourced consultancy guarantee the impact and results my business needs?

We are experts in our field, with HR and management experience ourselves we offer a tried and tested blend of consultancy and bespoke in-house training, to give you everything you need for employee engagement and development. We are passionate about what we do and care about making positive changes and achieving the results our clients need. We partner with UK businesses of all sizes to help them save the money that disengagement is costing them, and to drive a more engaged and productive workforce. What's different about us?

We provide an initial free consultation where we can discuss your specific needs with you.

Click the link below to arrange a free, no obligation consultation

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We are Clare Portman and Gail Bennett based in Bristol and Oxford. We offer services to businesses all over the UK.

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Need help right now?

We also offer plenty of free resources online for business, sharing our expertise and assets with business managers, leadership teams and HR departments. Visit our resources page  packed with helpful guides and information to help you everyday in your organisation.


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