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A crazy, wonderful year, time to look back....and eat cake

It has been a crazy and wonderful year here at Peopletopia. If you've read our previous

posts, you'll know that we recently took some time out to stop and think about what we've achieved and to plan out the future for Peopletopia. We are so proud of what we have done over the year, starting with expanding our team, taking on an expert

in teams and team building and an incredibly efficient organiser to keep us all focused and on track.

It's really important to celebrate the successes, the struggles and the achievements as a

group, it helps you to realise that when you work with others, you really can reach some amazing goals.

We've had a year where we have delivered some fascinating projects, looking at building positive company culture, understanding what values are right for a business and how to make them meaningful for everyone who works there. We've run engagement surveys and focus groups to help businesses understand what it's like to be a part of the team. We've worked with leadership teams to help them to understand how they are seen by their teams, and where they might focus to hone their approach. We've rolled out management development training on a global scale, and we've coached individual managers on a 121 basis. We've used MBTI to help teams to understand one another and work together more effectively and we've worked with them to know one another and have more fun.

It has been a privilege to get to know so many people in so many different businesses, that's the absolute magic for us; being trusted by the businesses and the people within to guide and help them grow.

When do you celebrate your achievements? It doesn't have to be a fancy dinner or a big event, just the time to get together and look back at just how much you have accomplished as a group, it's very empowering and energising.

What will we do to celebrate? Probably a cup of tea and a sneaky slice of cake, but that's not the important bit, it's the time and the recognition that matters. We are approaching the end of this financial year, so it has been great to look back, it has certainly given us a renewed enthusiasm for looking forward.

If you do just one thing: get the team together and talk about your achievements as a group, look back at just how far you've come, it's a great way to help the group to bond and to recognise the strength they have in one another.


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