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Self-discovery or Self-Indulgence?

We ran a workshop yesterday for a group of people on a journey of self-discovery.

It sounds pretty self-indulgent doesn’t it?

I mean, a whole day out of the workplace, just thinking about yourself…

What value can it really add?

I personally think that it’s a really valuable way to spend the day. Reflecting on how we come across to others, what they see in us, and how we impact them is thoughtful, emotionally intelligent and proactive.

We may spend plenty of time planning out our day, managing emergencies, or, if you’re really lucky, looking at the long-term plan for our own performance. But we don’t often get the luxury of the time to think about how we get there. Not just in terms of training courses and technical skills, but in terms of how we conduct ourselves, how we bring people along with us, how we get the best out of others and how we can shape the impact that we generate along the way.

What could you do to benefit from this?

As S Covey says - Start with the end in mind:

What is it that I want to be remembered for or known for? Is it for being a party animal at social events? Or for being the expert in my area? For being a friend to my team? Or for being a manager who inspires people to do their best?

Create your personal brand:

What are the words that you want to spring into people’s minds when your name is mentioned? How can you create this personal brand? What do you need to do, be, say?

Think about what you tell people:

How does the stuff that you tell people about yourself influence the way that they see you? Are you always apologising? Do you put yourself down? Do you tell people what you’re good at? Or what you’re quite good at?

Think about what you’re good at:

Do you actually know? How do you find out? Do you invite feedback…….and act on it? Do you analyse your own skills and performance?

This isn’t about being political or false, it’s about presenting the best version of you to the people that matter. Showing your best side. Giving your best to those around you.

I’m not a great fan of navel-gazing and self-obsession, but a little bit of reflection, analysis and consideration can go a long way to being a great version of yourself.

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