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Watch out if you're an unengaging manager!

We spotted an article recently in People Management Magazine which looked at the number of people who have fantasized about murdering their boss.

Now, this might be slightly alarming to those of you who manage people, but apparently 1 in 10 of the people that they surveyed confessed to having thought about how they would do the dreadful deed if they finally decided that they could bear their boss no longer! Even worse news if you happen to work in the construction sector, where the rate goes up to 22%!

Crikey, either there are some truly terrible bosses out there, or there are plenty of us that could do with a lesson in how to cope with our anger and frustration. This was subject that we discussed at our recent Engagement and Wellbeing in the Workplace seminars, which we ran alongside the fabulous Liz Preece from The Healthy Worker.

We looked at the issues of emotional intelligence, & I think that there are a few useful tips that could help you to improve yours.

The great news is that you can improve your EQ, and a few simple tricks can set you on the right road to improvement.

The first thing that you need to recognise is that you do have the control to decide how to react to a situation. Rather than losing your temper and fantasizing about murdering your boss, stop, take a deep breath and do one of the following:

- Count to ten before responding

- Think about what you would like as an outcome of the discussion/interaction

- Say “I need some time to think about that” and walk away

- Think about what the other person really meant by what they said

- Think about the great things that the other person brings to your team/business

- Make a choice, not to lose your cool, but to take control.

We can help you to develop your emotional intelligence and that of your teams, get in touch to find out more about what we do.

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