The business of a 40 year friendship

I have been watching my youngest child experience her first few weeks at school with a sense of trepidation, excitement and curiosity. She has joined 11 other children starting this year, and I am fascinated to see her friendships grow and develop over the coming years.

It’s particularly interesting to me, because on my first day of school (a rather distant memory now) almost 40 years ago, I met the person who was to remain my closest friend today. Not only is she my wonderful friend and godmother to my children, but also my business partner.

“Never go into business with your best friend”

Well, that’s what some say anyway & I do understand the sentiment. The idea that a fab friendship could all be shattered over a disagreement about money or clients or business direction is a common worry.

It felt a little risky, setting up a business with someone with whom I have such a long and important history, such a crucial friendship in my life and I had initial worries about how forming a business might impact our friendship. She, wiser than me (but don’t tell her I said that), felt that we had such a strong friendship that we would never allow a business issue to jeopardise it.

And oh my goodness! Can you imagine the fun in working with your best friend every day! It’s great to remember a moment of us as fashion victim teenagers full of angst and melodrama, and don’t even get me started on the photos.

Who could have even begun to imagine when we were four years old, that not only would we be close friends almost 40 years later, but running a business together too.

People come and go in our lives, we can never be sure who will stay for long. Gail and I have grown up together and grown our careers together.

Each time one of my children makes a new friend, I wonder if one day, perhaps they may be as lucky as Gail and I.

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