The Essentials of Management - Modular Course

The Essentials of Management - Modular Course

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Course Overview

If managers are one of the single biggest drivers of engagement, they are also one of the single biggest drivers of disengagement. It’s critical that the managers in any organisation are skilled and adept at dealing with their employees, giving them the direction, support, coaching and feedback they need to be the best they can be in any role. You can be doing everything else right in terms of engagement, but if your managers aren’t behaving in a way they should, you’re scuppered. Good managers are critical in your journey to an engaged workforce, but managers often lack the basic skills they need.

We offer a range of modules that you can pick and choose from to develop your own management develop programme, ensuring it’s tailored exactly to suit the needs of your organisation. This can include training for those new to management or those with more experience who need a refresher. The modules can include:

  • Introduction to Management - will identify key leadership skills and characteristics which will help managers to create their own image of a successful manager. They will then learn a simple managerial theory to help demystify the role of managing others, which they will have the opportunity to put into practice during role-play activities.
  • Employee Engagement: A manager’s role - Designed to build their awareness of the impact that managers have on engagement, an understanding of the importance of engagement at an organisational level and to equip them with some practical skills to build an engaged team. • Effective Coaching Conversations – Designed to improve the effectiveness of their team through the quality of the conversations they have.
  • The Art of delegation - will equip delegates with the skills and understanding to select the right tasks to delegate, identify the right team members to delegate to and the right information to ensure that a job is well done.
  • Leading People through Change - aimed at Managers and Team Leaders whose team or organisation is going through a period of change and so who need to know how to support their people through the transition.
  • Setting Objectives and Engaging One to Ones - One of the vital skills necessary for a people manager is the ability to set SMART, motivating objectives and conduct great one to ones.
  • Understanding and Managing Stress within the Workplace - Stress affects one in five of the working population from the newest recruit in the post room to the board of directors and is now the single biggest cause of sickness in the UK. The role of a manager is critical in reducing or alleviating stress in the workplace, and this course gives practical strategies of how to do this.
  • Having Difficult Conversations - This practical session will equip you with a range of strategies and tools to deal with difficult and challenging situations – ensuring your confidence and the best outcomes wherever possible.

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