Personalised One-to-One Coaching Sessions

Personalised One-to-One Coaching Sessions

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Course Overview

We also provide individual coaching sessions covering both personal and executive/manager coaching.

Executive Coaching

Are you a business leader or senior manager? This can be a lonely place sometimes. You have some great ideas but also face challenges. You might need someone who is independent and honest and can help you form personal plans. Peopletopia can then help work with you and give you practical guidance to help put those plans into action. Executive/manager coaching is about individual planning, goal setting and achievement. It’s about personal discovery and realising one’s full potential which in turn improves performance and benefits the organisation.

Executive/manager coaching is about tangible business results. It can;

  • Increase engagement
  • Reduce turnover
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Reduce job related stress
  • Help turn managers into leaders

Personal Coaching

Employees or managers there could be much more you could achieve in your life with a personal coach, such as improving your motivation and self confidence or achieving your own personal goals. Personal coaching is extremely effective as it pinpoints the exact need and solution. Here at Peopletopia we use highly skilled, approachable and qualified individuals with a track record in coaching. Personal coaching – would you like to enhance your work performance and career direction or simply achieve more in life? Are you unsure how to develop and utilise your skills, resolve a problematic work relationship, or achieve better work/life balance? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you are probably one of the many people who need some help in maximising their potential and would benefit from coaching.

Sessions are tailored to the individual needs and requirements of the delegate and usually last for 2 hours. After the initial consultation a coaching contract is agreed to meet individual needs and the number and frequency of sessions is agreed.

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