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CIPD launches new free Stress Management support tool for managers

We often talk of the massive impact that line managers have on the engagement of employees in an organisation. The fact is that they also have a major influence on the effects of stress in the workplace. Stress is has been identified by the CIPD as the number one cause of long term absence from work, and it is vital that any employer takes steps to understand it, reduce it or prevent it.

A well equipped manager can help to identify stress, to reduce the effects of stress or to spot the warning signs and prevent it. A poorly equipped manager can contribute to the causes of stress and exacerbate the problem. The CIPD have worked with the HSE to develop a free stress management tool aimed at improving the skills of managers in identifying and improving the problem. The tool is designed to help managers to understand their own behaviour and to manage stress in others.

You can access the free tool by visiting

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