The Art of Delegation - Half Day/Full Day

The Art of Delegation - Half Day/Full Day

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Course Overview

The Art of Delegation Workshop is aimed at managers who struggle to delegate the right things to the right people, or who struggle to let go. This is especially difficult if the manager has previously been the actual person ‘doing the doing!’

This workshop will equip delegates with the skills and understanding to select the right tasks to delegate, identify the right team members to delegate to and the right information to ensure that a job is well done. It will also help them understand the barriers to delegation and how to combat these.

What will delegates learn?

  • Why is it tough to delegate? The barriers that lead people to avoid delegation
  • Why should I delegate? What are the benefits to me, my staff and the business?
  • What should I delegate? How do I know what I can let go and what I should keep close to hand?
  • How do I delegate?

A practical session on the steps that will prepare you for successful outcomes when you delegate

Please note that this half day workshop can be combined with the essentials of MBTI (The Myers Briggs Type Indicator), to fill a full day. This focuses on helping managers understand the psychology behind delegation and how to avoid conflict with different personality types.

This course is ideal for

Managers or team leaders who have responsibility for delegating tasks to team members, or those who need to improve their ability to delegate tasks effectively.

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