Myers Briggs Type Instrument for Effective Teams - Half Day/Full Day

Myers Briggs Type Instrument for Effective Teams - Half Day/Full Day

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Course Overview

MBTI is a method of psychological profiling which seeks to explore the differences between personality types. These differences can often lead to misunderstanding and frustration, especially when working within a team. We will introduce you to MBTI and its’ key concepts, alongside helping you to understand what the different personality types bring to your team and your business as a whole. We will also look at strengths and potential developmental areas for each type, so that individual delegates build self-awareness, as well as building their understanding of their colleagues. We have found MBTI to be a very effective tool in building teams, helping people to work together more effectively and developing team effectiveness.

What does this workshop cover?

  • An overview of the 4 elements of MBTI and self-assessing delegates own type
  • Understanding the strengths indicated by their type and also the areas for potential development
  • Understanding how best to work with others of the same or opposite type to maximise understanding and engender a collaborative working environment

This course is ideal for

Teams, both established and new, who wish to explore ways of understanding different types more effectively and who wish to find more effective ways of working together.

The Half day MBTI workshop focuses on MBTI profiling and individual reports, giving delegates a clear understanding of the different types of people. The strengths and challenges of each type will be explored through a number of exercises, helping attendees to develop strategies for working effectively with all types of people.

The Full Day MBTI workshop covers all of the above and then moves into an afternoon of team building activities. The activities are designed to draw out the different types and help delegates to see their strengths and the strengths of others in their team.

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