Leading People through Change - Full Day

Leading People through Change - Full Day

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Course Overview

Change is an everyday part of organisational life, be it restructures, changes in the way you do things or changes in location, but the fact remains that a lot of people are resistant to change. This creates a tension that puts employees under stress and means that organisations don’t receive an employee’s best efforts. So what can be done about it? The Managing Change Workshop is aimed at Managers and Team Leaders whose team or organisation is going through a period of change and so who need to know how to support their people through the transition. This workshop will help delegates to identify the process of change, and to understand the different emotional reactions that may appear at each stage. Delegates will be in a strong position to manage themselves through change and will be able to employ the right strategies to support their colleagues through a period of change or upheaval reducing stress and maintaining engagement and performance.

What will delegates learn?

  • What do we mean by change? Understanding how different people perceive change in different ways
  • Understanding your own reactions to change
  • Understanding emotional reactions to change – using the Kubler Ross change curve as a guide, delegates will understand the range of reactions that people have at each step
  • Supporting people through change – understanding what people need at different stages of their journey through change, and knowing which strategies to employ

This course is ideal for

Managers or people with line management responsibility who need to lead a team of people through workplace changes.

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