Having Difficult Conversations - Full Day

Having Difficult Conversations - Full Day

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Course Overview

The thought of having a conversation with someone that could upset or de-motivate them can sometimes fill us with dread. This means that we either avoid doing it, with the potential to make the situation worse, or we do it badly, worrying about what to say and getting flustered during the discussion or not getting the true message across. Even the most experienced manager has to have conversations that make them uncomfortable. This practical session will equip you with a range of strategies and tools to deal with difficult and challenging situations – ensuring the best outcomes wherever possible and giving you the confidence to have the discussion.

What will delegates learn?

  • Why are some conversations difficult?
  • The ‘moment of choice’ – the split second in which you can decide how you want to react in a given situation and what the implications of this might be
  • Preparing for difficult conversations
  • Difficult message models – some useful tools and techniques that can be used to avoid emotion in a situation and therefore reduce the risk of conflict
  • Action planning – what will delegates do next?

This course is ideal for

People managers whose team is spread across sites, offices or includes home workers.

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