Employee Engagement Audit - 3 Days

Employee Engagement Audit - 3 Days

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Course Overview

We understand that it’s sometimes hard to know where to start with your engagement strategy. You might have too much information on what drives your employees or not enough, but either way we can help you by conducting a mini- engagement audit in your organisation and establishing the current situation and identifying areas for action. At Peopletopia we have lots of experience in doing this and offer a 3 day audit package to conduct an engagement audit in your organisation. Don’t forget we can also help you with the implementation of you action plan.

The audit consists of:

Day 1: Leader and HR interviews

  • What perception do your leadership team have of engagement levels in your business?
  • What are the key issues that you want engagement to address?
  • What are you doing already around engagement? o How effectively are your managers managing in your organisation?

Day 2: Establishing current engagement levels

  • Focus groups to establish current engagement levels in your organisation
  • Across all levels of the organisation
  • What are you doing well and what needs to be improved?
  • What are they key drivers of employee engagement in your company?

Day 3: Analysis and recommendations

  • Analysis of leader and HR interviews
  • Analysis of employee focus groups
  • Production of a report including all findings
  • Recommendations for action

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