Employee Engagement: A Manager’s Role - Full Day

Employee Engagement: A Manager’s Role - Full Day

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Course Overview

The old adage that ‘People join companies, they leave managers’ is as true today as it ever was. The role of manager is critical in any organisation and some research states that it’s the biggest contributor to engaging your employees – or disengaging them. We look to our managers to provide encouragement, feedback, direction and development. All too often a manager will state that they “don’t have time to manage”, without realising that being too task focused has a damaging effect on the engagement and performance of their people. The managers in any organisation can be one of the most effective tools that they have in improving employee engagement, but is often underutilised. This course is aimed at people managers and is designed to build their awareness of the impact that they have on engagement, an understanding of the importance of engagement at an organisational level and to equip them with some practical skills to build an engaged team.

What will delegates learn?

  • Why does engagement matter? Understanding the business case
  • What drives engagement?
  • What creates disengagement?
  • Managing disengagement
  • What are the crucial managerial behaviours to drive engagement:
  1. Setting standards
  2. Feeding back
  3. Developing others
  4. Walking the talk
  5. Recognition
  6. Building a picture of success

    This course is ideal for...

    People managers who need to build their awareness of the impact of engagement/disengagement on the business, and who will benefit from developing a knowledge of the managerial skills, behaviours and attributes that will increase engagement levels in their team.

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