Effective Communication - Full Day

Effective Communication - Full Day

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Course Overview

We are in a constant state of communication with those around us, whether it be via our voice, our body language or our written communication. In today’s fast paced world there are increasing amounts of communication that take place across a PC, rather than face to face. With all of this practice, how is it that communication so often goes wrong?

On this course, delegates will examine their own communication style, how other people’s styles differ and so why communication is sometimes misunderstood. Delegates will examine how to really listen to another person, and how to show that they are listening and attentive, learning how to encourage others to communicate with them.

This course will equip delegates with the necessary skills to avoid common pitfalls and bring clarity to their communication, both spoken and written.

What will delegates learn?

  • Understand the pitfalls of communication – why and how do things go wrong
  • Understanding your own & other preferred communication styles
  • Maximising the power of your message
  • Communicating with the whole person – building awareness of body language and using it to create rapport
  • Listen like you mean it – how to listen to the whole message and show that you’re doing it
  • Communication via email – how to make yourself heard

This course is ideal for

Anyone who wishes to hone their communication skills, make themselves heard and get their message across to others effectively.

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