Customer Centred Thinking - Full Day

Customer Centred Thinking - Full Day

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Course Overview

Key to minimising wasted effort and maximising a team’s effectiveness is really being able to see the customer’s experience in the service that you deliver. We will use a model that will encourage delegates to look at each of their processes with a critical eye and to focus on customer-centred improvements. We will then introduce a simple process that will encourage delegates to really explore the customer experience and to examine the efficiency of your processes: what works and what doesn’t, what’s necessary and what isn’t? Whilst it would be impossible to cover every process during the training course, the aim of the session will be to instil the methodology and the thinking that will help delegates to work smarter, more effectively and in a more customer focused way.

What will delegates learn?

  • How to examine each stage of a process to identify areas that are not working efficiently
  • Pinpointing parts of the customer experience that need improvement
  • Simple ways to manage process improvements
  • Seeing things from the customer point of view
  • Maximising efficiency and minimising wasted effort

This course is ideal for

This course is most effective when run with teams of people who work together, either in structured teams, or through sharing parts of a process.

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