Creating an Engagement Strategy - Half Day

Creating an Engagement Strategy - Half Day

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Course Overview

It’s alarming - Gallup suggest that disengagement amongst UK employees is costing up to £64.7billion annually. Engaged employees have lower absence, lower attrition and are more confident in understanding customer needs – so why isn’t more being done to engage employees? Sometimes people don’t know where to start, sometimes we see people trying to change things but without a clearly thought out plan or stakeholder support. This course will take you through the 5 steps to developing your engagement strategy and give you a clear understanding of where to start, with a defined plan of the next steps that are critical to engaging your employees.

What will delegates learn?

  • Understanding what “employee engagement” is, and more importantly, what does it mean to your business and your employees?
  • Preparing the business case: in order to get buy-in, you will need to prepare a compelling business case, we’ll look at the facts and the figures alongside the areas that you should consider when preparing to engage your key stakeholders.
  • Your strategy: once you have the buy-in, you’ll need to put together a strategy for engagement in your business. We’ll identify each stage of preparing a strategy and show you how to ensure that you consider all of the key drivers for engagement.
  • The Peopletopia Engagement Model: We’ll work through our engagement model, which will give you a useful framework when identifying your areas of focus for engaging employees in your business.

This course is ideal for

Senior managers, Leaders and HR Professionals who wish to understand how engagement levels may impact their business, and who are aiming to develop an engagement strategy for the organisation.

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